Montag, 7. Dezember 2009

Huge Update (and more to come)

I finally managed to upload my 5th sketchbook. It seems to me as if it has been ages since I finished it (but it was in September, as you can see on the very first page). Well anyway, you'll find some newer stuff when you scroll down. More to come.

Some more Cookbook pages:

Some work from school. I'm visiting a watercolour course at the time (it's called Aquarell in German, but I couldn't find a similar word in English).

New pattern:

(sorry, only in German. It's about an event in Switzerland:)
Hier einige Ergebnisse des Projekts "Originale für alle" des Kulturmagazins. An einem Samstagnachmittag in der Kornschütte entstanden .. hat jemand eins davon bekommen? :)

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